Hunger is an important force. It represents my motivations. It is a craving for challenges and chances to prove myself, an enthusiasm for every experience possible.

We hired Rachel to write the content for our new website. Throughout the entire process, she was very professional. With little need for oversight, she set her own deadlines and held herself accountable by consistently providing us with status reports. She performed quick edits in response to our feedback, and at the end of the project, we were impressed with the quality of her writing.

Sonja Wayns & Mark Lawson, Diversified Realty Solutions

I had the pleasure of working as Rachel’s mentor during her internship at EPAM. While she was only with us for one summer, she was able to quickly establish herself as a go-to team member for almost any task. From drafting case studies and flipbooks to brainstorming social media and email marketing campaigns, Rachel made her mark on the department through her thoughtful content contributions and consistent high performance. Highly recommended!

Scott Rayburn, EPAM Systems Inc.