VCU Copywriter Critique: Emma Dou

In her portfolio, Emma Dou, Virginia Commonwealth University copywriting student, showcases a sarcastic and cynical persona. For some of the brands in her portfolio, I believe this tone misses the mark, but Emma makes it work in her ads for the Yogi Calming Tea campaign, even though it differs from the brand’s typical voice. She lightens her characteristic snark and adds enough wit to give the brand personality and charm. Instead of going for a more traditional calming tone, she takes a humorous approach as she asks readers to look past the inconveniences of life and calm down with a cup of Yogi Tea. The best piece of the campaign is the ad about the haiku. It connects to the tagline of, “Don’t take life so seriously” by framing an embarrassing moment as something humorous. Instead of saying, “I was laughed at and turned down by a girl I asked out,” the speaker jokes that the girl wrote him a haiku. I think this ad is a good example of Emma playing to her strengths. She finds a way to soften her cynical tone to one of humor and in doing so, makes an ad a little out of the tea company’s typical brand, but refreshingly so.

2 thoughts on “VCU Copywriter Critique: Emma Dou

  1. Joe Glennon says:

    Good first post.

    I like the confidence of your opinion/text.

    How do you think the headline delivers/fits with the tagline? Is the tone right? Feels dark to me. Not calm at all. What’s the connection to the product? What about the team and calming is captured in the headlines? The tagline does the job. But isn’t the voice in the haiku headline losing it because the girl didn’t say yes or no to the date?


    • Rachel Jani says:

      I just changed the post a little. Hopefully that helps clear up some of the confusion and makes my opinion of the headline’s connection to the tagline clearer.


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