Brand Voice Analysis: The Republic of Tea

Every interaction a brand has with its customers should be marked by strong voice. This is especially true for emails. With the amount of spam people receive, brands must be sure that their voice sets them apart from the other companies screaming for attention.

Below is an email that I received from one of my favorite brands, The Republic of Tea. I love the way this company has fun with its name, from the way it addresses its customers as “Esteemed Citizen” to the sign off that lets me know that the email is from “The Minister of Tea.” The brand has the voice of an authoritative, yet kind leader. The title of Minister of Tea automatically lends the writer a sense of credibility, and the way the company plays around with the fact that it is “The Republic of Tea” shows that it has a sense of humor. It makes the correspondence fun while also creating a sense of community. You are a citizen. You are part of a big group of people who are all interested in the same thing as you. This is especially important to new tea drinkers who may be overwhelmed by their choices. Knowing that they have resources and a community available to them makes their defection, whether it be from a rival tea company or other beverages, less intimidating. 

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