Brand Voice Analysis: MOO

Brand voice is important and one way to determine whether or not a brand has strong voice is to look at pieces of communication that would normally be considered unimaginative necessities, such as warranties. One of the companies that stands out in this area is MOO Inc, a company that sells business cards. On its MOO Promise page, the brand features a voice of personable, customer-centric honesty. It ditches the corporate phrase “satisfaction guaranteed,” instead communicating its dedication to its customers by saying it hopes they will be “absolutely thrilled beyond words.” The colloquial phrasing of this feeling humanizes the brand. This isn’t a place you will call only to be forced to speak to a robot.

The brand further humanizes itself by showing a picture of its Director of Customer Services and pointing out that that is an actual photo of him, not a “fakey stock-shot.” It brings honesty into the picture when it gets to the section of the page where it talks about its customer service. Like all companies, MOO boasts amazing customer service, but unlike other companies, it acknowledges that this is a common claim. As MOO’s page points out, “Who would say their customer service is rubbish?” The fact that the company draws attention to this fact makes it seem more trustworthy. It knows its not completely different from its competitors, but it is different in the ways that count, and if you doubt that, you can always pick up the phone and call. 

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