Brand Voice Analysis: Jack Wills

The About Us page is a place where a brand’s voice should shine through. One brand that has that down is Jack Wills. Though short, their About Us page quickly displays their distinctive voice, one that can only be described as high quality, upscale, cool, and classic. All these qualities are communicated throughout the bio and emphasized at the end where Jack Wills name drops a few well-known universities in the U.S. and abroad. This serves multiple purposes. The mention of places such as Cambridge and Harvard evokes a feeling of quality and wealth. Jack Wills is for people who want the best and can afford it. The name dropping also serves to connect the brand to established institutions, making it feel classic even though it is actually quite young, having only been founded in 1999. This brand is for people who want quality and have a very specific image of themselves. The brand reassures them that no matter where they are from, they are Fabulously British. 

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