While we like to pretend that makeup is forever, the unfortunate fact is that it does expire and continuing to use old makeup can cause breakouts and even infections. For those with a large collection of makeup, replacing everything can be an expensive and time consuming drain on resources. The key is focusing on the essentials. Products that really go the extra mile. A common misconception is that quality makeup can only be bought at an expensive store like Sephora. While their cosmetics are generally high quality, some drugstore makeup brands can be just as good. That’s why looking for dupes and reading reviews are important. As with wardrobes, building your makeup supply is simple if you start with the staples and go from there.

My basic makeup kit consists of eyeliner, mascara, foundation/BB cream, and lip liner. Most everyday looks can be created with a little eyeliner and mascara, so these are absolute essentials. I also like to use foundation by itself rather than buying it in addition to concealer because most foundation brands are buildable and provide varying degrees of coverage.

Lastly, the lip liner. I love lip liner because it can actually be used without lipstick. Just outline your lips and then shade them in. This allows you to have more control over the shape of your lips and makes lipstick unnecessary. You would be applying lip liner under lipstick anyway, why not stick with the bare essentials and save the lipstick for a special occasion? Blended well, liner will look just like a matte lipstick. Since this will cause you to use your lip liner up quickly, it’s best to look for an inexpensive one. For this product and more, Ulta is my go-to store, but I find good products at many drugstores too. With a little research you’ll be able to keep your makeup essentials fresh without breaking the bank.